Robot Tsunami: Real arcade, real intense, real promocodes

On June 22, 2014

In the beginning, there was the arcade machine. Coin by coin, only the best survived, amid fiendish and friendly competitions that, in the end, just took the genre to its greatest heights. Arcade machines gave way to computers, consoles, mobile devices. But there’s still a longing for the hard, for the complex, for dying in the first level. This is why people still purchase Prince of Persia classic, or why endless runners are such a hit. We are in a world devoid of real, pure arcade thrills. Drop a few coins to a game and get an extra life? Back in the days, at most you’d get a continue, at best you’d just be able to keep playing while the guy in queue had to wait to your next stumble.

Robot Tsunami is what you have been waiting for. Thrilling, intense, pumped-up. You can watch it in all its glory in the above gameplay video, you can also read our review of Robot Tsunami. Thrilled? You should be! Go get it from the App Store, or alternatively, retweet or share in Facebook our review for a change to win a promocode and get the game for free!