3G-$199!! Sucking Sound From Your Wallet- Free

On June 10, 2008

I’m happy to be getting the 3G iPhone without having to spend another $599, but let’s not be fooled here folks– it still ain’t cheap.

Not by a long shot.

Sure, the 3G iPhone is just $199 for 8GB and $299 for 16GB. (No 32GB???)

But since activation MUST take place in the AT&T store, the two-year commitment is, at least for now, a requirement. That means you can add the requisite $30/month data plan to the real-world cost and a few $ more if you are a heavy texter.

So now you are talking about the 8GB iPhone really costing over $900 between now and July 2010.





To unlock the real power of the 3G iPhone as a mobile computing/communication device you are going to want to add on some Mobile-Me push goodness. Add $100/year

Now we’re up to $1100+.

Then there are those delicious apps. Even if most come in at $9.99 or less its going to add up pretty darn quickly.

At $199 the 3G iPhone looks down right cheap.

As you are figuring your budget for the next two years though, you might try multiplying that by six or seven.