3GS Creates a 400% Increase for YouTube Mobile Video Uploads

On June 26, 2009

Google reported today that YouTube has seen a 400% increase in mobile video uploads since the iPhone 3GS went on sale.  Seeing as how they have sold over 1 million 3GS’s in such a short amount of time, I expect that google is going to see a much larger increase soon.

Its pretty amazing that a product which was released just a short time ago (less than 2 weeks) has already made such a huge impact on mobile video uploads.  I wonder if smaller sites like www.Vindie.com (an online video channel organizer) or www.Qik.com (a social network for mobile video reporting) has seen any such increases?

Maybe YouTube is the only one who will see a significant increase since the iPhone 3GS includes the ability to easily upload directly to YouTube from within the Camera Roll section of the Photos application.

If you have a 3GS already, have you made lots of use of the camera?  Did you upload it to YouTube for others to see?