3GS Design Flaw?!

On June 29, 2009

You may have already heard from numerous reports ciculating around the Internet that after heavy usage of the white iPhone 3GS, the color on the back of the iPhone changes from a nice pearl white to a burnt brown color.  It seems that in addition to color changes the heat is also causing some covers to warp!

Some of the reports are saying that it only happens when users try to use the GPS, 3G, and Edge networks at the same time or some combination of WiFi, GPS, and 3G, but if this is really an engineering mistake, it could lead to a mass recall or phones.  Apple hasn’t commented yet on the cause, or even aknowledged yet that there is a problem.  So the question becomes, if the new 3GS really does have a design flaw, what is Apple going to do about it?  And more importantly, how many people are going to have to experience this problem before it gets addressed.

Its still too early to tell how many people are affected, but i’m guessing that if this gets into the mainstream media, Apple will have to respond very quickly, as it would definately affect whether I bought the new white GS or choose to stick with the black colored iPhone (which it seems hasn’t been reported to have this problem yet).  Maybe the black colored one has it too, but the color change can’t be seen as well on the black case.  It will be sad if Apple pushed something out without their usual quality controls due to some other outside pressures (like some new competition from the last king of PDA’s)?!