3rd Gen iPod Touch Is Coming

On July 8, 2009

Image from 9to5macPinch Media, the company which spotted the 3GS last  year before its release, now says that its seen its analytics show up in a new iPod Touch since as early as April of this year.

The data that was collected by Pinch Media seems to point to the same testing patern that Apple used on the 3GS when it tested the 3GS compatibilty for apps before it went live.

If true, Apple usually tests their new devices for close to 6 months before we see their announcements.  iPods have generally been announced in the past sometime in September during a music themed event.

Based on the rumors, the new iPod Touch will also have a camera built into it, and some have it centered rather than located in the top corner.

Prior to Pinch Media, references to this device were found in the 3.0 firmware.

Either way, it seems we will have to wait until at least September before we can know for sure.

Thanks to 9to5mac for the image.