4 IPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

On December 20, 2012

We all know that IPhones weren’t just created to simply make call and send messages. The Apple Online Store has been flooding us with a variety of apps that we can’t even choose the most suitable for us. If you are an entrepreneur and always had the eager to embrace the technology to ensnare your business assets, there are apps that are worth a download. Precious time and money are two basic points that an entrepreneur would not want to waste at all.
In this article we will dive into 4 Apps that every entrepreneur should have in his IPhone. Here they are:

1. Expensify
Keeping track of your business expenses can be a daunting challenge; however, alongside Expensify you can turn that into a simplistic mechanism. Expensify allows you to upload a photo of the receipt by using a smart camera system that extracts the merchant, amount as well as the date of the respective transaction. Apart from that, this app helps you keep track of your mileage by using the GPS. This app is the right solution to get rid of your old and worn receipts that overflow your wallet.

2. Ego
If you are an entrepreneur running a small business that is attached to a corporate website or to your social profile, Ego can help you a lot. It allows you to keep track of your website visitors as well as twitter followers. Enlisting the services of Google Analytics, Twitter, Mint and Vimeo, it gives the user the ability of having a substantial control of a website statistics. Its user interface is excellent and thus making it a recommended iPhone app for entrepreneurs.

3. FlightTrack Pro
This app comes in handy if you are a kind of entrepreneur who is busy travelling or a globetrotter who happens to fly a lot. FlickTrack is simple and it does the essential: Flight Tracking. As the name suggests you might have already guessed what it does. It informs you about anything pertaining to your flight and gives you in details the information of the current conditions of the airports. In case your flight gets cancelled or delayed due to certain reasons, this app will notify you in any way.

4. Nozbe
Nozbe is a personal productivity app that every entrepreneur should have. It allows you to organize your notes, tasks, actions, contexts in a very simplistic way by using the “Getting things to done” concept in short GTD. Its integration with Evernote, Dropbox and Google Calendar, gives a variety of functions to the user making it simple to share projects, assignments and notes with cohorts as well as delegate tasks to team members and monitor or keep track of the progress.