$45k Chupamobile App Developer Competition: Winners Announced

On February 12, 2014

A while back we reported Chupamobile was hosting an App Developer Competition. Now after 15 days of hard deliberation, they have chosen the winners of the mobile development Competition that will get the $45,000 prize! It has been a difficult decision as lots of great projects took part of the contest, but the team has pronounced a verdict. Here are the winners!

1st place

The $20,000 Grand Prize goes to PWD ­ Password Manager by rfunk82! A project full of amazing features that allows the user to random generate passwords and to manage them with a fantastic user interface. Password Manager is a full app complemented with other “mini­apps” that perform separately. It includes a password strength checker, AES­256 encryption and a self­destruction security feature among others.

“The Chupamobile competition was the perfect opportunity to complete the Password Management application I’ve had kicking around in my head for about a year. Knowing that I was competing against so many talented developers helped me push my limits and find the motivation to perfect every screen. In addition, the Chupamobile team was very supportive whenever I had any questions. In fact, the process was so easy that I’m currently working on my third application submission with them! Thanks Chupamobile Team!”, says Ricardo, proud developer of PWD ­ Password Manager.

2nd place

The Runner­Up that will get the $14,000 prize is Jelly Slash ­ Addictive 50 Level Arcade Puzzler by RisingHigh! A super addictive puzzle game based on the famous iSlash that reached more than 2.5 millions of downloads. Built in Cocos 2d, it is very easy to reskin and has four ad network services integrated that will help developers to start making money from day one after the release of the app on the App Store!

3rd place

The $9,500 third prize goes to WeLike ­ Photo Sharing Social Network by Planet1107! This iOS and Android app is full of great features like user timeline, recent and popular posts feed, geolocation and nearby map view a and full photo editor. WeLike is a cutting­edge photo sharing social network that everybody will love.