5 Best iPhone Apps for Valentine’s Day

On February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is all about partnership, love and… love to technology. And it’s tomorrow! Here comes the top 5 iPhone apps for Valentine’s Day.

Couple (free)

In the ecstasy of love you share yourself with much of what is really intended only for the partner. On social networks like Facebook, it happens easily that a message goes to the public, rather than just your loved one. This danger is not in Couple: a free app for iPhone which provides an extremely private social network for exactly two persons. So exclusively for couples. Or maybe even for a mother and a child.

To make it work, install the app on your iPhone and sign in with your name, e-mail and password. Then invite your partner to join, and once she/he is in, the fun begins. With Couple you can exchange text messages, photos, audio recordings and videos. Through the built sketchbook you can send nice drawings to the partner. There is also ThumbKiss – a feature that let’s you see where your partner is touching their screen so you can touch the same spot and make both phones vibrate simultaneously. Really romantic! You should absolutely check out this app.


Chocolate Booth ($0.99)

The countless Valentine’s Day greeting card apps are mostly boring and embarrassing. But Chocolate Booth comes with a little different: the app turns a photo – for example your own portrait – in a fun chocolate heart with relief. The virtual chocolate box can be supplemented with background images and all kinds of accessories for your lover. The collage is saved as a photo and then sent by mail, Facebook and so on.


Love Test Calculator (free)

The day of love can also be the day of love test: is my partner the right one? Do you know each other well enough to really respond to each other? The Love Test Calculator will resolve such problems with different tests and quizzes. It’s funny but you should not take it that serious, especially when the “Calculator” provides some nonsense – using the names and birth dates cannot be purely and simply determines whether you really fit together. The points “Challenge” and “test” are there already revealing. Whether the “test of courage” is counterproductive perhaps, everyone must decide for themselves.


OpenTable (free)

OpenTable for iPhone is a handy mobile online reservation. This application will find a restaurant in the area where you are and let you make your booking on your iPhone comfortably. You can easily find a table and reserve it for you and your lover. With this app, people can also narrow their search by price, cuisine or neighborhood or browse menus, ratings and reviews. So you can have everything in place for your lover.


Cynical: Valentine’s Day Sucks (free)

Apparently there are people who do not like Valentine’s Day. This app fits perfectly here. The story: Cupid has decided to spread the love in hell. This needs to be prevented. You need to shoot with a pitchfork the falling hearts and cakes before they reach hell. And then there’s the kissing: If this penetrate the hell it means game over immediately. It is not the most imaginative game, but the free version will cost at least nothing and will make happy some of our Valentine’s Day haters.