5th in the queue on launch day but still 17 days until I get my iPhone!

On July 17, 2008

Reviews from me have so far been pretty thin on the ground and I’m sorry.  Its not that I’m being lazy, or even that I’m too caught up in playing with all of the great new App Store software to sit down and write, no its much worse than that.  I STILL don’t have an iPhone!

I thought I was being cunning by selling my G1 iPhone a couple of days before the announcement of the 3G.  I got a good price and I thought I’d only have a few days to wait to pick up the next model… Alas, Steve Jobs made us wait a month between his announcement and the release, and then to my dismay, Charles Dunstone has got me waiting another 2 weeks.

For those of you who don’t know, old Charlie is the Chairman of "The Carphone Warehouse".  An "independent" phone shop chain that has 700 stores in the UK and  a deal to sell iPhones on the o2 network alongside the Apple and o2 shops.

I am now being told that my iPhone will most likely be delivered on Monday 28th July.  And its not like I just ordered it either, I queued for 3 hours at the opening of my local store and was the 5th person to the desk!!  Unfortunately my local CPW (Brighton, Western Road) had been delivered 10 x 8gbs and only 2 x 16gbs.

Being number 5 I was given the choice of an 8gb iPhone there and then, or a 16gb delivered to my home the next day.  The manager assured me that there were over 1500 in the warehouse when I ordered and that one of those was allocated to me for next day delivery.  So I walked out £59 lighter and signed up to a £45 per month tariff with nothing more than a SIM card to show for my 3 hour wait!

Of course Saturday came and went, Monday came and went, I was told Friday delivery, then I was told that that delivery was only 8gbs, so I am now being told that the next delivery will be Friday 25th which should mean it actually gets to me on Monday July 28th.  17 days after I queued!

The best part is that I got my first o2 bill this morning!  £45 for the month and I haven’t even got a phone!

Anyhow, you can rest assured that I have my eye on a number of apps that I’d like to try out and review and as soon as I have something to install it on I will be writing here!

Charles Dunstone, if you’re reading this, sort it out mate!