6 professional iOS7 app design templates

On April 6, 2014

Just because Apple claims “There’s an app for that” doesn’t mean programmers are out of a job. Far from it. Every day more and more amazing, helpful, and downright fun apps are introduced. And if you’re sitting there looking to get in on the fun, take advantage of this Mighty Deal and you can get a huge jump on it!

This collection of 6 professional iOS7 iPhone App Design Templates from MyAppTemplates will save you a load of time and money. With these design templates, you can easily edit any text or images to fit your need, or dive right in and start coding the app itself! With real clean, organized code, these design templates will be a snap to work with! And if you need any further prodding, try this on for size: Act now and you can save 95% off the regular price!

iOS7 App Design Templates Bundle Highlights

  • 6 Professional Templates
    This exciting bundle features 6 high-quality iOS7 iPhone app design templates. They’re a great way to get a huge jump on building your own app rather than starting from scratch!
  • Easy to Customize
    Each template includes the original Photoshop PSD files. That means you can easily upload your own images, photos and logos to suit your needs.
  • Clean, Organized Code
    Worried about programming your app? That won’t be a problem since all these templates were created in high-quality, native Objective-C. That gives you the perfect foundation to build upon for your app.
  • Ready to Use
    While you can customize these apps to your heart’s content, you certainly don’t have to do so. All of them are ready to go right out of the box with only a few clicks to get you started. Think of the countless hours and dollars you’ll be saving on initial design work!

Take a closer look at the 6 iOS7 app templates included in this deal

Newsfeed (Preview)
Perfect for creating a news app that can pull in feeds from all over the Web, including WordPress feeds, News feeds, and RSS.

  • Lush, custom design with content front and center
  • iOS7 design touches – blur on dropdowns and outlined menu logos
  • 4 color templates to choose from (tap a new color to completely change your template)


Taxi (Preview)
Create your own location-finder app for hunting down local taxis, restaurants or even friends.

  • Built for iOS7 and iPhone 5, 5C an 5S
  • Facebook-style slide menu
  • Gorgeous custom map view that displays user’s current location
  • Search functionality
  • Chat feature

Food (Preview)
Everybody’s drooling for a great recipe app, so feed their desire with this Food template!

  • Create intricate recipes
  • Display beautiful images of your meals
  • Organize recipes with special icons
  • Link to social networks to share

Social Share (Preview)
Love Instagram? Like Fancy? Got a similar app idea, but want to put your own twist on it?

  • Activity feed
  • Profile view
  • Upload view
  • Explore grid view
  • Photo deatail screen
  • Beautiful, custom artwork

Tap Tag (Preview)

Maybe it’s a bad idea to mix business and pleasure, but mixing business with social can be an app goldmine!

  • Clean dashboard-style home
  • Deep scrolling image functionality
  • Rich product screens
  • Think Pinterest and Instagram but for shopping

Activity (Preview)
Run away with the Activity template to create the coolest fitness-type app around!

  • Fully compatible iOS7 fitness app
  • Turn an iPhone into the ultimate training tool
  • Build your own fitness app in the vein of Fitbit, Nike+ Running, RunKeeper or even Zombies Run!
  • Combines best features from a variety of popular fitness apps


“I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I will definitely be recommending your templates next time i am asked for design help.” – Valerie

“First i ran a 99 designs contest, but no useable designs came from it. I was actually surprised. But I was recommended your templates. And have to say I’m really satisfied with what you’ve made!” –Danielle


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