60Beat Gamepad for iOS devices makes it a gaming console

On December 29, 2011

The quality of games on the iOS devices can certainly be undoubted especially with so many great games featuring awesome graphics as well. Such example includes Infinity Blade, Asphalt 6 and many more. The iOS devices could be considered as a portable gaming console for these good games as well but what it does lack is a gamepad on which would fully turn it to a gaming console.

Have no fear because 60Beat has decided to create a gamepad for these iOS devices which is called the 60Beat GamePad. It looks very similar to the DualShock 3 controller for the PS3 and it uses the headphone jack to connect to the iOS device as well. It features two joysticks much like the DualShock 3 and currently has 2 games that are fully compatible with the gamepad. This number however, will surely increase in the future.

At a price of only $49.99, it isn’t too expensive either considering that even a PS3 DualShock 3 controller would cost pretty much the same price. Is it a worthy purchase? Sure it is if you’re an avid gamer although it should be noted that at the moment, not many games are compatible with it.