7 apps to help you conserve energy

On November 12, 2013

It seems like there is an app for everything these days, including ones that help you conserve energy in the home, in businesses, and even in your car. Here are a few you might like.


GasBuddy is an app that allows users to compare the price of gas at different stations in their area. All users do is type their zip code or city and state and a list of gas stations within five or ten miles will pull up with their prices. This app is useful at home and while on road trips because it tells you where all the gas stations are located and helps you find the best prices. The best part about this app is that it is free iTunes and Android stores.

Light Bulb Finder

You may think it is simple to go the store and buy lightbulbs. However, some stores do not carry many choices of energy-efficient lightbulbs. This app allows you to find that store. Once you do, it is difficult to figure out which kind of lightbulb works best for your needs. The app solves that problem as well. There is an easy input process where you enter in the lightbulbs you are using. The app then suggests the best kind of lightbulb for you based on cost savings and environmental impact. This app is also free on Apple and Android stores.

CodeGreen Energy

CodeGreen Energy is a great tool for finding out which buildings and businesses in the area are working to save more energy. You can compare buildings to see how energy-efficient each is. This app is perfect for the user who is environmentally conscious and wants the local businesses they use to be as well. It is also great for real estate investors and other professionals who have a use for comparing energy efficiency in buildings. You simply need to enter an address and the app will show an Energy Star score at the building site along with details about the building’s energy use. This app is free on iTunes and Android.

Green Outlet

Green Outlet is a very useful app for energy savings. It allows you to see which appliances in your home use the most energy. The app will ask you to enter in extra data about energy uses, electricity providers, and your location. Then you will see how much these appliances cost per month. One way to lower this number shown on the app is to switch energy providers, if your state is deregulated. For example, energysavings.com allows you to look at the different electric providers in the area and the savings that you will see when you switch.



Image via Flickr by easy mo drew

MeterRead is a perfect app if you don’t have money for solar panels or a whole home energy management system. This app, only available on iPhone, allows you to read your electricity meter through your phone. Every time the app opens, it shows how many kilowatts per hour are since the last log on. The information is used to predict your total energy usage over thirty days. This app is extremely helpful in seeing real-time energy-saving results from installing energy-efficient lightbulbs or unplugging appliances when not in use.

Energy Tracker

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Energy Tracker opens two tabs on the smart phone to allow you to see how much energy your appliances or energy system has used. The data retrieved from the app is exported to the computer as a CSV file so energy use is tracked and filed for future reference. This app is .99 cents on iTunes.


Image via Flickr by pgegreenenergy

Kill-Ur-Watts is an app that combines great aspects of the apps above. It keeps track of energy use over a long period and offers suggestions and develop strategies to help cut energy use. The app produces customizable graphs and lets you view your carbon footprint. The app has a fun aspect by allowing you to challenge family and friends to see who is more green.

Downloading these apps will help you keep tabs on your energy use. Once your energy use is known, you can figure out the best ways to reduce it, like buying energy-efficient lightbulbs.