7 Best Weather Apps for iPhone

On May 28, 2013

Since the weather is one of those things that all of us are interested at some point, we choose to make a list with the best weather applications to find out the temperature and weather forecasts on an iPhone.

The iPhone has its own app pre-installed on the phone so you would not really need to download another, but let’s face it, it’s boring! For those who want something better, more detailed or nicer to see, there are many alternatives, many to be honest. To keep up to date with the latest weather data of the city in which you are located or any other part of the world you can try the following free applications with good graphics at their level of information and detail.

The best Weather apps for iPhone and for iPad are:

1) Accuweather is one of the best free full-featured weather apps for iPhone.

Allows you to see the current time, hourly forecasts, and those of 15 days temperatures, sends alerts, weather, integrates with calendar, and provides animated radar and other minor information.

Accuweather can display useful information on one screen without being too overwhelming. You can immediately see the current temperature, the “real” temperature of the wind, and a brief preview. If you want to dig deep, Accuweather provides access to hourly or weekly forecasts. The ads that appear are a bit ‘annoying.

2) Solar is truly one of the best applications that you can find in the App Store for iPhone, currently being offered free. This app is kind of minimalist, without too many buttons, only with screens to browse and very pleasing to look at drawings on colored backgrounds. Provides weather information essential for the city, the hourly weather forecast and a forecast of three days.

Solar also has the ability to have weather information for more cities and pinching the screen you get a nice overview ideal for those who travel in different places.

3) Sky is another minimal, simple, clean and extremely graphic app with colorful background that changes depending on the temperature recorded in the city where you are located. The blue screen indicates the cold, red is hot and it soon becomes clear what temperatures are.

Sky is available for both iPhone and iPad, free of charge and also provides the forecast for the next 4 days.

Two other minimal free app to view the weather on the iPhone:

Weather Neue


4) Weather Neue is a weather application that shows the temperature on the big screen in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. Shake the device to manually update the detection and weather forecast for the following days.

5) Weatherwise is very nice weather app for the iPhone for its colorful graphics and imaginative backgrounds.

6) Weather+ is a great app to control the temperature and all the information as well as current weather forecasts.

7) Yahoo Weather for iPhone is a new weather application, very beautiful to look at, with pictures and photos of the place that you want to see the weather forecast. The application is free, simple, not very detailed with technical information, but maybe it’s the best of this list, because comes without advertising.