95% of all smartphones shipped in 2013 run iOS or Android

On February 13, 2014


According to the latest report on worldwide smartphone market highlighting shipments and marketshare by operating system for last quarter and all of 2013 by IDC, Android and iOS now make up more than 95% of all smartphone shipments. This is an increase of more than 4 percentage points since last year.

Android is currently installed on almost 80% of all smartphones shipped, or almost 800 million of the 1 billion smartphones that were shipped throughout 2013. According to the report iOS didn’t do quite as well:

iOS posted the lowest positive growth for both the quarter (6.7%) and for the year (12.9%), underperforming the overall market in both instances. Although it remains wildly popular in the smartphone market, Apple has been criticized for not offering a new low-cost iPhone nor a large screen iPhone in 2013 to compete with other OEMs. IDC believes the company will release a large-screen version in 2014, but will not altogether abandon the smaller 4? screen version of previous models.

According to the report Android shipped 226.1 million units and a total of 793.6 million for the year, while Apple shipped 51 million last quarter adding up to 153.4 million for all of 2013.