A 5 Minute Walkthrough of Android For iPhone Developers

On October 12, 2008

Mobile Orchard’s intrepid Dan Grigsby has got his hands on one of the first T-Mobile G1 Android phones (still unavailable to the public as of writing) and gives us a quick, five minute walkthrough of the device from an iPhone developer’s perspective:

If the video doesn’t appear in the post above, you can watch the Android Walkthrough for iPhone Developers on Vimeo.

Even in five minutes, you can see that the differences between the Android and iPhone platforms are vast. Android seems to be keyboard-heavy in parts – opposing the iPhone’s trick of making the keyboard less important than ever. Android does appear to be more flexible from a developer’s point of view, however, but this is by no means an indicator to its commercial success with regular users.

0 responses to “A 5 Minute Walkthrough of Android For iPhone Developers”

  1. That’s really cool, thanks a lot for making this video and showing off a little bit of the G1 / Android’s features and especially showing the differences from the iPhone and G1.

  2. Luke Francl says:

    Very cool walk through. It looks like Android has some nice features.

  3. Thanks Dan for the walk through and comparison. Love the ability to run programs in a background process on Android. I’ll be picking up my G1 this weekend.

  4. i am forwarding this video to my development team…thank you