A Photo Sharing Application Made by Facebook

On June 17, 2011

Apparently Facebook is working on an awesome application owner considers “impressive” on who had the privilege to use it. This is a photo sharing application in style of Instagram but logically connected with the most known social network for you to share all of your photos with your loved ones. However it is an innovative program that will use a simple and clean interface to modify as better as you can those images taken by your iPhone. This is an application designed to share your photos on this social network in a simple and functional way with its amazing interface. Below you can see a screenshot.

This application will replicate some features typical of other photo sharing services such as Instagram, Color, Path and Wit, with the possibility of sharing photos, it will include various information, inserted descriptions, geolocation, and make tags of your photo album management.

It is possible that this new application to be published in AppStore and on the Web through the HTML5 technology,