A U.S. Operator Blocks Employee Vacations – Indirectly Confirming The Release Date Of iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C

On August 29, 2013

T-Mobile is one of the mobile operators that sell the iPhone device in the U.S., and according to information published yesterday its employees were forbidden to take their days off the weekend from September 20 to 22.

Such measures have been imposed in the past for launching new iPhones, and this time could be talking about the exact same thing, given that similar measures are not taken easily and not be taken unless the situation is very important.

Apart from information from T-Mobile appeared more from other mobile operators in the U.S., but more data were brought into question, some others in September and October. In general, mobile operators choose a few dates to prohibit the leaves and near launch of a device they set a weekend where the same measure is applicable, so on September 20, we expect that iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be launched. Let’s wait a few days and see more information but in my opinion, this is for sure.