After Two Years From Its Launch, Siri Finally Out Of Beta

On September 16, 2013

In 2011, Apple unveiled Siri, a personal assistant initially available only in the iPhone 4S as a beta.

When the company makes clear that in all of its promotional materials and even if the assistant was far from perfect, it motivated the company’s competitors to produce similar systems for their smartphones. Although Apple for 2 years did not give any way to understand that Siri is preparing to leave the beta stage and in the event of September 10 has not mentioned anything about it, well Apple removed from the official website all the terms related to the beta stage of Siri development.

In the page dedicated to Siri on Apple’s website, the American company doesn’t mentioned in any phrase that Siri would be this moment in beta stage of development, but also doesn’t boast with this achievement. Until last week there were multiple mentions about beta stage of development of Siri, but Apple decided to abandon this method of presentation of its personal assistant, being presently good enough to be used without problems by any iDevice owners.

So, without knowing it, we have a brand full Siri, out of its beta mode.