On Again, Off Again Aurora Feint Is… On Again

On July 25, 2008

Free fantasy game Aurora Feint made the rounds in the blog-o-sphere earlier today when it was ripped from the iTunes App Store due to a potentially serious privacy/security flaw. It seems that in order to use the iPhone’s location feature to find others who are playing the gamedoing the application sent a player’s entire contact list to their servers over A TOTALLY UNSECURE data pipe. 

It is one of those silly little privacy gaps that could… ruin someone’s life. But hey, it is apparently a fun game and its free!

Well, it seems that Aurora Feint is…

back and while it may not be better than ever it is, at least, more secure that ever. The update on iTunes states…

This version has bugfixes as well as some additional networked features.

This is a nice way of saying- "This version won’t broadcast your entire contact list and any other data you have in your address book to the entire world."

Luckily, while they were at it they-

"… also added more magicbooks for use in the alchemy tower."

Security and more magicbooks for use in the alchemy tower… what could be better?