All we know and what they say about the sixth generation of iPhone – Part 1

On January 27, 2012

Apple, as accustomed us since 2007, makes every year an iPhone, and each generation is sold in several versions. They are differentiated by storage capacity (8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB) and starting with iPhone 4 it was sold in theme colors (White/Black). In 2012, to be launched the sixth generation of Apple phones. The last two models, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, were almost identical at design, so a third generation that look like the previous two is hard to believe that will come out.


The latest rumors dropped by Foxconn factory where it assembles the iPhone and the iPad, talk about an Apple phone screen about 4 inches and comes with a form of traditional patterns of the Cupertino Company.

As the diagonal display, we are convinced that this will be confirmed. That will have 3.8-inch, 4 inch or 4.3 inch, is less important. Apple is urged to keep up with Android devices, and a future iPhone with the same 3.5 inch display is simply suicide.

Regarding the form of the phone, you probably will not have a shock, being close to what everyone already knows. For a more artistic impression, Apple will work on a slim body, whose front is dominated by a display that will try to “swallow” as much of edges that delimit it.

The presence of a physical button below it is questionable. A change of effect would be to turn this area into a touch area for a full-touch control. And all about control touch we can say that Apple is working on patenting a biometric fingerprint recognition system. Such an implementation would allow only the owner to unlock the device, by the touch of the scan area with your finger.

Stay tuned, ttomorrow.