Amplifier to improve sound quality in iPhone and iPad

On September 8, 2011

Music is meant to be heard at its best and with all of the compression and the incapability of the iPhone to stream out high quality, audiophile grade music, it may not sound as good as played on a music player. However, there is always a solution to it and that is by using an iPad or iPhone amplifier.

The Icon iDo is an iPhone amplifier that works by improving the sound quality of the music played by the iPhone or the iPad device. It is relatively simple to operate: the user just needs to connect the iPhone via the USB cable to the Icon iDo and then connect the amplifier to a playback device such as a headphone or a stereo and voila, it’s done.

At a price of $250, it may be pretty steep to a lot of people but consider it as a healthy investment to all of those audiophiles. There won’t be an instance where you won’t listen to high-grade music.