Amtrak verifying passengers using iPhone, iOS 5.1.1 update fixes spoofing

On May 8, 2012

A lot of companies have made use of the technology available in the iPhone and it seems that Amtrak is on the list as well. The government-owned passenger railroad will soon be using iPhones to verify the ticket of its passengers. This device will be made available to the 1,700 conductors that are working with Amtrak.

The iPhone that they will be using isn’t the normal one but a modified version instead. It will come with a battery pack and a barcode reader with an app that could scan and verify the tickets. With this being said and done, Amtrak users don’t even need to print out their documents to show it to the conductors. The application can scan digital barcodes that are present in the user’s smartphones as well. This improvement done can also result in other things such as the possibility of tracking passengers that did not arrive or to provide commodities to the disabled person as well.

In other news, an iOS update version 5.1.1 is said to fix the URL spoofing security flaw that was present in Safari. This vulnerability was found by Majorsecurity, a cyber-security firm based in German. We highly recommend that all iPhone users get this update as soon as possible to protect them from potential security vulnerability.