Another 2.2 Treat – “Update All”

On November 22, 2008

With so many apps on my iPhone and iPod Touch I get a couple of app updates almost every day.

I love it.

Sometimes the update speeds up an app. Sometimes it improves the stability of the app. But more often than not, the update add some feature to an app that makes it a little bit (or sometimes a whole lot) better.

Updating them one at a time can, however, be more than a bit of a pain, though.


The 2.0 Firmware had a nifty little feature that offered to "Update All" right on the iPhone but it was removed with the release of the 2.1 firmware. Personally I wasn’t complaining. I mean, the loss of the "Update All" option was a small price to pay for the stability that 2.1 brought. So for the past months have been using iTunes to collectively update the apps. No longer. The 2.2 firmware maintains the stability and brings back the "Update All" option.

Between the "Tap once to return to home page" and this, Apple has thrown in a couple of nice treats.

See… we can have our cake and eat it too!