Another Benefit Of Jailbreaking

On May 22, 2009

I’m super impressed by some of the jailbreak apps available. Qik is nothing short of awesome. The ability to live stream from your iPhone opens up all kinds of new possibilitites for creative (and sadly nefarious) uses of the iPhone.

I just came across another app that I am loving but, unfortunately, I suspect this one will never be allowed by Apple since it competes with some of the functionality of iTunes.

TuneWiki is the app and it is just amazing. Start the app, pick a song from your library, start playing and, within seconds, the app presents you with the current line of lyrics and a preview of the next line.

It works really well and sure beats having the entire songs lyrics just sitting there all at one time… here’s a quick look…



Again, we aren’t endorsing jailbreaking… do so at your own risk… but if you do, TuneWiki is worth a look!