AOL Reader for iOS coming soon

On June 25, 2013

aol-reader-ipadIt’s been 3 months since Google announced the shutting down of their RSS Reader, Google Reader. Besides upsetting most online readers, it has also made a lot of developers busy, as they want to make the next best thing for these readers. We have seen many publishers showcasing their products, including the recent Feedly Cloud Reader, but now, all eyes are on the AOL reader.

As teased by a Vine Video tweet on Saturday, the web based beta of AOL Reader is now live. But what makes this exciting for us is that, a native iOS app will soon be launched.

AOL Reader iOS

Some of the key features of AOL Reader are:

  • Completely customisable looks
  • Star and tag posts features
  • Easy import function (We all know ‘where from’)
  • And the public API will be released so that anyone can develop their own apps

Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of Aol based reader apps, as soon as Google Reader shuts down on July 1st.