An App I Would LOVE To See- Ilium’s NewsBreak

On July 29, 2008

I posted this over on Just Another Mobile Monday but wanted to share it here (with minor edits), as well.

Since making the move from Windows Mobile to the iPhone last August I have not missed a whole lot.

There is, however, one app I would really really really love to see make its way from Windows Mobile to the iPhone. The name of the app? NewsBreak.

Newsbreak is, by far, the best RSS reader available for Windows Mobile. I started using it back when it was first in beta and swore by it as it became increasingly powerful with each new version. Nothing could/can hold a candle to it. (You can read Doug Goldring of JAMM’s review here.)

NewsBreak’s developers, Ilium did a fantastic job with it. I, for one, would love to see it brought to the iPhone.

Why do I want to see it so badly? Three reasons-


1. I loved it on my WM devices and would buy it, sight unseen, if it came to the iPhone. It is that good.

2. The other RSS readers for the iPhone aren’t all that impressive. I like NetNewsWire well enough and have even given it a positive review but it doesn’t come close to NewsBreak.

3. Have you seen the job Ilium did with eWallet for iPhone? It is awesome. If they could do that for eWallet just imagine what they could do with NewsBreak?

There is a 4th and final reason I/We really want NewsBreak on iPhone. Almost half of JAMM’s valued and growing RSS feed subscribers come through NewsBreak. That says a whole lot, doesn’t it?

Moreover, when someone like Doug joins the rest of us lemmings and makes the jump to the iPhone and iPod Touch it becomes increasingly clear that this is just beginning for the new platform. And doesn’t the best handheld (IMO) deserve the best RSS Reader?

We think so. So Ilium, if you are reading this, keep a couple of things in mind-

a. There are a whole bunch of us who are ready, willing and able to Beta test for you

b. You can rest assured that there will be a whole lot of pre-sales with me standing first in line

c. Us begging is a pitiful sight and is one you can easily avoid having to endure.

Are you a NewsBreak fan from back in your WM days? Would you love to see it for the iPhone as much as us? Let us… and Ilium, know.