App Roundup: Best Games and Time Wasters

On November 25, 2010

It could be while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, during halftime of a sports game, or even while you’re bored. Either way, playing games and using apps is always an entertaining way to pass the time. Here we’ve reviewed the best time wasters for you to use whenever you feel the need to do nothing productive, and just want to waste a little time.

1. Doodle Jump ($0.99)

This classic game is a favorite for all generations. You can waste countless hours jumping higher, shooting monsters, dodging aliens, avoiding black holes, and constantly striving for a new score. Doodle Jump is easily worth only $0.99, and once you start you’ll probably have a hard time putting it down, which might be a problem once you realize how much you have been procrastinating.

2.  The Impossible Game ($0.99)

It is such a basic game, yet it’s so difficult. The Impossible Game has just one control: tapping the screen. A tap on the screen makes your orange block jump as it moves horizontally through the levels. Avoiding the spikes and jumping onto blocks quickly becomes challenging as you move through the long levels, and if you mess up just once you get to start the level over. That alone truly makes this game nearly impossible, as this is another game that you’ll have a hard time putting down. And good luck beating the first level.

3. POW (free/$0.99)

Stupid and simple, POW challenges you to reach all of its accomplishments. All you do is hold your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and pretend to punch anything in your path! With multiple sound effects, and even more if you upgrade to the ad-free version for $0.99, this app is a great way to waste time. It sounds like it would get old fast, but luckily there are awards you can try to get. Some are simple and you can get them by throwing 100 punches, or 100,000 punches (wonder how long that award will take you). But others are much more difficult: Think you can throw 7 punches in 0.7 seconds? And don’t forget to punch on Friday if you want that award. Have fun trying to get all the awards, and you can even race your friends to see how can get them all first!

4. Robot Unicorn Attack ($1.99)

There’s the original version, which plays feminine music, rainbows, and has a purple color scheme. For those of you who don’t feel comfortable playing that version, they also designed a heavy metal version with metal music, no more rainbows, and a red and black color scheme. Both games are the same and are extremely addicting. You get three tries to get as many points as you can by (depending on your version) galloping through rainbows or bones and dashing through stars or pentagrams. You must jump over the gaps to prevent death from falling, and you must dash through the stars or pentagrams because failing to do so will also result in death. The further along you go the faster the game moves, giving you less time to decide when to jump and dash. Robot Unicorn Attack is a fantastic time waster, so be sure to check the clock often.

5. Angry Birds ($0.99)

Just like Doodle Jump, this game is a classic. With nearly 200 levels, Angry Birds make it easy to waste a whole day trying to beat them all. Each angry bird has different characteristics that you must use to your advantage to destroy the fortresses of the pigs. Launch the birds at the fortress, and you must use only the ones you are given to defeat all the pigs in a given level. Each level brings a new challenge, and with almost 200 of them, that’s a whole lot of challenges. Good luck beating every single one, because it’ll take a long time.

6. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ($0.99)

Everyone remembers watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but how about playing it everywhere you go? Wherever you have your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, you can have this game with you as well. This is a difficult game with many tough questions, but seeing how much money you can win is always fun. Play with your friends and see if together you can reach the ultimate goal of winning the million dollars. Too bad they don’t actually send you the money you win, because you’ll be playing this game so much that you will win tons of money overall.

These are some of of my favorite games, please share yours in the comments.