App Store Hypocrisy – Episode 9756

On May 23, 2009

Apple nixed the app Lyrics until such time as the app was resubmitted with a filtering system so that naughty words were excluded.

Now the developer found a work-around in the form of an easter egg that, once activated, bypasses the filter, but that isn’t the point of this post… this is…

I just got back from a 2 1/2 mile walk around the lake with my dog. It was a nice walk on a beautiful day. The dog was happy and so was I as I listened to some appropriate "walking music". In this case among the tunes were songs from The Arctic Monkeys.

Some of the tracks, all of which were downloaded from iTunes, come from an album politely entitled "Who The F*** Are The Arctic Monkeys". That’s all good and well (although I have never understood how replacing letters with symbols makes things better since, after all, letters ARE symbols and EVERYONE who see the title reads it as if the *** are a U and a C and a K. So what’s the point???) but then in listening to the album I I was reminded of this… there are no less than three times in the song When The Sun Goes Down when a word that ought not be used in "polite company" is used. (I even REPURCHASED the track directly from iTunes to make sure they are there.)

Now I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me. I am a huge fan of parental controls and think that that, and not censorship, is the answer. I am, however, a bit confused. Why is it that Apple is more than happy to take my money for a song like this (without a parental warning no less) when, at the very same time, they reject an app that displays the language of a song THAT THEY SELL?????

It makes no FRIGGING sense and I am totally FRIGGING perplexed. 🙂