App Store Overload… Part 1

On September 18, 2008

When I woke up this morning my RSS feed indicated that over 70 new apps and an equal amount of update apps arrived in the App Store over night. That is a whole lot o’ apps and I only slept for five hours last night!!!

Sad thing was, after making my typical initial pass in which I quickly go through my new RSS posts and mark those I actually want to read, only two app were actually marked. That’s right, over 140 new or updated apps and only two caught my eye enough for me to even take a second look. How very, very, very sad…

This explains why sorting through the crApp in the App Store is getting harder and harder as each day passes.

That isn’t the only headache emerging from the App Store these days, though. We recently received an email from a developer who is continuing to run into trouble because of the way Apple is organizing the overflowing App Store… but that’s another post.