App Update – Evernote Hits Version 3.0

On June 18, 2009

EvernoteEvernote is probably the most important 3rd Party app on my iPhone. I use it for just about everything from notes, to pictures, to documents I know I might need to access at any moment and more. It was on the iPhone from the release of OS 2.0 and has seen numerous updates since then. And today, as promised on the Podcast a few days ago, the next version was released.

In Evernote for iPhone 3.0 you can now–

Scroll through your entire notes list without reloading

Find and Filter notes on a map

-Edit pending notes before they sync

-Improvements have been made to the voice recorder, image captureand more

-You can now group notes  by date, notebook and location

-and more

It is a big update to a great app and, best of all, the folks at Evernote promise there is much more to come!

This video offers some great information on the new version of Evernote.







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