App Update: Jott for iPhone

On September 27, 2008

Jott’s iPhone app received an update earlier today.

While the update doesn’t add any new features it does bring big performance improvements.

As you may recall Jott came out of Beta a few weeks ago. As part of that transition Jott added a number of paid account levels.

Fortunately there is still a free basic level available and it offers some excellent productivity tools. These include access to the simple, yet effective, Jott iPhone app which, after today’s update, is better than ever.

The update brings…

–faster access to your voice recordings
–faster upload times once a voice note is finished
–faster syncing
–other speed improvements

For an app that is focussed on efficiency these improvements are a big deal that will make a good app even better. I’ve tried it and the improvements are clearly noticeable.