App Update: Maildash (formerly Mailgram)

On September 24, 2008

Ahh trademarks!

Once again an app had to change its name due to potential infringement.

Mailgram, a neat little, time-saving app for quickly sending pre-formatted email messages just got a new name and an update.

Now known as Maildash, this update not only changes the name from Mailgram but also…

–Adds a tabbed interface for quick navigation

–Adds a snippets editor

–Remembers the last email recipient and message between launches

–Adds more translations

Perhaps most importantly, on iPhone firmware 2.1 choosing a contact is mch faster. This is key in a timesaving app like Mailgram Maildash.

Also, according to the developer, the next update will included SMS support. Nice!

Maildash is an excellent little app and is just $2.99. It is available HERE.