App Update – Pandora

On November 16, 2008

Its been a while since we showed Pandora any love but finally there is an update to one of my favorite iPhone apps!

This it isn’t a major release but, hey, the fact that there is any release at all is nice since it means Pandora is still alive and kicking and, for now, moving forward (even if it is a small step this time).

This update brings some improved phone call handling and station synchronization. (It is always nice to see apps that already work well find ways to improve speed and stability.)

The update does add one welcome feature- genre stations.  You can now create a station based on genre and add it  to your station list. It is a nice way to get back to a more random musical offering instead of your self-created (and often narrow) stations.

Pandora is available HERE in the App store for free!