App Update – Pocket Informant to version 1.02

On May 28, 2009

When I get home after practice I usually check for updates on the app store on my phone since I have wifi.  Today I had a couple of updates.  Much to my surprise was an update for Pocket Informant.  In case you are not familiar with the app, it is my favorite app and has a place in the bottom tray on my phone.  It rolls a wonderful syncing calendar and todos all into one beautiful application.  The developers have already brought one great update and this one looks to be a big one too.

     According to the app store, version 1.022 has fixes for database/sync bugs.  Here is a list of updates taken from the update list on the app store.

–  Improved performance and reliability – in some cases by 2x or more

– Improved sync UI, Performanc and Reliability, especially with larger data sets

– New Calendar look

– Added Todo  Quck Entry bar

– Added Todo Group Bar

– Added Undated Filter

– Added Empty Days for List

– Added Week View Orientation and Setup settings

– Added Shake to Sync (temporary until automatic sync is finished)

– Added Syncronization Logging User preference

– Added support for new Recurrence types (Last Weekend, First Sunday, etc.)

– Searching now supports wildcards for names, and supports note/location searching for todos      and appointments

– Better Todo View sortings

– Better Todo Inbox match GTD principles

– Todo now go to a virtual "No Calendar" instead of default calendar

– Phone Number Links are active in Notes

– Added iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility

– Many more fixes and features added


     I think this list of updates shows that Web Information Solutions is dedicated to bringing the best possible app.  They have brought two big updates already and I am sure there is many more features in development.