App Update: QuickSend

On October 30, 2008

QuickSend, one of the many apps that make quick work of sending short, "stock" e-mail messages to one of a small, preselected group of contacts, just received a nice update.

Because QuickSend uses a " spinner" in order to choose which piece of text you want to send to which contact, it is, by far, the best of this genre of application when it comes to one-handed use. This update makes the application work much better than it had previously.

Using this application is simple.  After for setting it up by choosing a number of contacts and customizing the messages you want sent,  you simply start the application, turn the spinner to the contact to whom you want to be in touch, and the second spinner to the piece of text you want to send, and  hit the "e-mail" button. That’s all it takes. Moreover, the application currently has an experimental feature for doing exactly the same thing to SMS contacts in addition to e-mail.

 This updated version of the application includes the following —

— an assortment of bug fixes
— a huge improvement in load time so that it now only takes three seconds to load 10,000 contacts. (It had previously taken more than three times that.)
— the ability to "search" for those context you want to add into the contact spinner

And much more.

While this isn’t a major upgrade it does contain more than two dozen fixes and improvements all of which adds up to a much better application that, in my testing this morning, works quite well.

We should note, however, that if you are upgrading the application and have had it on your iPhone or iPod Touch previously, it is best to remove it from your device and reinstall it from start. (You will not be charged to download the new version.)

QuickSend is available HERE in the App Store for$1.99.