App Update: ReplyButler

On October 29, 2008

We’ve looked at a number of apps that make it simple to quickly shoot off a pre-formatted email in just one or two steps.

Our app of choice has been MailDash. It works well and, through the use of templates and text snippets, offers an amazing level of customization.

The first app we reviewed in this genre, ReplyButler, was just updated to version 2.0. It has a lot to offer.

What ReplyButler has going for it, first and fremost, is the fact that it isn’t as feature rich as MailDash. It doesn’t offer nearly the same degree of customization and that can be a good thing. Why? Because it means that ReplyButler is incredibly simple to use.

With ReplyButler all you do is pick one of the text snippets, add a contact’s email address and hit "send". Fast, quick, done. In a rush, which is when an app like this is useful, this might be a very good thing.

This update does, however, add two nice features to the app.

The first new feature is the one area of customization that ReplyButler does offer – signatures. You can now create three different signatures that can be added to the end of an email. For example, you can create a personal signature, a formal work signature and a general signature. Then, with a single tap, you can choose which, if any, of the three to use. It is a nice feature that makes ReplyButler a bit more personal. 

The second feature is less about ReplyButler and more about saving an additional icon on your homescreen. Apps that allow you to create email while the iPhone or Touch is in landscape have been multiplying in recent weeks. The new version of ReplyButler makes them unneccessary since it adds this useful functionality. If you start ReplyButler and turn the device on its side (landscape) before selecting a snippet it will immediately open a new blank email in landscape. It is a nice feature to have and means you don’t need a separate app to get this funcitonality.

ReplyBurlter 2.0 is just $1.99 in the App Store and can be found HERE.