App Update: reQall Gets A HUGE Update

On September 3, 2008

The rapid fire updates we saw in July and August have slowed substantially. Were I would have seen three or four updates of my existing apps each night I now see one at most. Fortunately that one update is often a biggee and this is no exception.

I’ve made no secret of how big a fan I have become of the organizational service reQall. It is a planner, a transcriber and a "memory jogger" and is one of the most important productivity apps on my iPhone. The current update was released without fanfare but it takes reQall to an entirely new level.

With this update-

–Syncing with reQall’s server has been made faster and more reliable. (I tested it a few times and it is MUCH faster!)

–Audio created on an IPhone 3G uploads more quickly. (MUCH more quickly!)

–The reQall service can now automatically decide how to organize items you add via text or voice. "If you use the word "buy" it will be added to your shopping list.  If you say "Note" it will be added to your notes."

Best of all…

–As promised this update adds the ability to edit notes. For example…

So let’s run this down- the notes you create with reQall are now uploaded to the servers for transcription more quickly, the app now syncs more rapidly, the notes are device-resident for off-line access and the notes are now fully editable. WOW!

As previously noted reQall is one of those companies that actually wants feedback and responds to it. In fact they start the description of this update with-

Thanks for all the valuable feedback. With this release, we’re happy to include some of the oft-requested improvements…

This update proves it.

To my mind there is one major upgrade still needed- the ability to email the edited note to yourself or someone else after it has been edited.