App Update – Tap Tap Revenge

On August 28, 2008

I continue to be amazed by the stream of excellent app updates flowing into the App Store and out to us. Sure there are the requisite bug fixes but most of the time it is for more than that. Most of the time it is developers making their apps even more fully-featured or useful. This is the case with the new update for Tap Tap Revenge.

Tap Tap Revenge is best as “Guitar Hero meets the iPhone”. While music plays "beat bubbles" flow down one of the three strings in time. If you tap the bubbles as they crosses the bottom you get points. If you miss them you get a humiliating "Miss!"
Miss a lot and, as Dimitri said in his review,

"… you feel like throwing the iPhone across the room (well, maybe not)."

Dimitri’s biggest criticism at the time was—

"Unfortunately, the current selection of music, while good in my opinion, is exceptionally limited." Well, no more.

This is a big update for Tap Tap Revenge and it addresses Dimitri’s concern and more. The game now offers more than 30 songs. Okay, so they aren’t the most popular tracks by well known artists, but did I mention the game is FREE!?!?!

Moreover, the update introduces "Tap Tap Thursday". Each Thursday will bring new tracks by "top" artists.

The update goes further, though, adding-

– Revenge Mode: Fun new 8x mode!
– Streak and multiplier indicators.
– Volume control for iPod touch.
– Weekly tournaments and contests!

And of course it brings the requisite "stability improvements and gameplay refinements".

All in all it is a significant update to one of the best free games in the App Store.