App Update: TextGuru

On September 28, 2008

The options for creating and editing text on the iPhone and iPod Touch continue to grow and improve. Since July 11th many apps have added the option to create and edit text with the iPhone held in landscape. This is a significant improvement since it means a far larger keyboard. I find that I am able to type faster and with greater accuracy this way than with the iPhone held in portrait.

My favorite text editor has recently been WriteRoom. A simple (not rich-text) writing app, WriteRoom allowed for landscape typing and offered distraction-free typing on a simple screen with a black background and white text. For me, however, WriteRoom has just been surpassed by TextGuru.

From the start TextGuru offered rich text creation and editing. Want various font types and sizes? Text Guru offers it. Want cut and paste? TextGuru does it. Want to save files in various formats? TextGuru can do that. Want to share files with your Mac? TextGuru does it (and will soon offer compatibility with Windows). And the list goes on an on.

The most recent update last week brought landscape typing to TextGuru and today’s update adds the winning feature I love in WriteRoom- you can now type distraction-free with a black background and white type.

TextGuru allows indicates that future updates will bring web and document browsing, document backup and recovery, automatic sync, password protections and iDisk support. In short, TextGuru is now the iPhone text app to beat and at $4.99 it is a bargain.

You can get it HERE.