App Update: ToDo

On September 8, 2008

One of the best task management apps available on the App Store just got a huge update.

Appigo’s ToDo is a powerful task management app that syncs seemlessly with both RememberTheMilk and Toodledo.

It was excellent before the update but is even better now. More than a "point" update, the move from version 1.1 to version 1.2 makes the application exponentially more useful.

The update to version 1.2 includes bug fixes but a whole lot more, such as–

-A "Quick Add" task entry

-An app icon badge number on/off toggle

-A "Sync at Startup" setting

-A repeating task icon in task list view

-A note and priority icons in task list view

-Task export and sharing via email (HUGE!!)

-Added completed task synchronization limit setting

-Priority buttons now use text instead of numbers

-Toodledo subtask synchronization


I’ve been using this version in a beta format for a few weeks and it is amazing!All in all this is a HUGE update that takes what was already one of the three best task programs and makes it far far better.

There is one other  improvement that kind of slipped into the update even though it isn’t yet reflected in the App Store. the update lists,

"-Task export to Appigo Notebook"

Task export to Appigo Notebook?? What’s that? "That" is amazing. But it is also another post.