App Update – Truphone

On February 26, 2009

While it isn’t there yet (I’m still waiting for access to Skype-Out) Truphone holds the greatest potential for bringing excellent VOiP access to our favorite handhelds.

It is already quite powerful, though.  With it you can call–

•    Other Truphone users with an iPod touch (a free call)
•    Any phone number in the world (a low cost call)
•    Other Truphone users on iPhone and Nokia devices (a free call)
•    Google Talk users (a free call)

Sure you need an iPhone or a second generation iPod Touch (plus a headset with microphone and headphones), but if you have them… Truphone is amazing!

You can

•    Receive calls from landlines and mobile phones
•    Instant messaging to Skype and MSN
•    Calling to Skype users
•    Calling to MSN users

A new version for the Touch improves call reliability when walking in and out of Wi-Fi areas and increases overall performance. It also introduces Instant Messaging via MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk.

If you haven’t tried it Truphone is definitely worth a look.