App Update: WriteRoom

On September 20, 2008

By far my favorite writing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is WriteRoom. I love the clean simplicity of it. I love the fact it shifts from portrait to landscape by simply tilting the device. (This is key to actually using the iPhone/Touch to compose text since because I find that I am far faster and more accurate in landscape than portrait.)

No, WriteRoom isn’t as full featured as my other favorite writing app TextGuru, and it doesn’t have cool input system like WritingPad  but here’s the thing- It isn’t supposed to be.

Like WriteRoom for the Mac, WriteRoom for iPhone is meant to be quick, simple and distraction-free. And it does it beautifully. Add to that the cool approach it takes to file sharing and you have a real winner.

Over on the HogBaySoftware site (yes, that IS the name), WriteRoom guru Jesse Grosjean posted news that WriteRoom.iPhone 1.1 is awaiting approval for admission into the App Store. The update promises to make my favorite writing app even better. 

The update includes

–Additional font settings.

–Additional color settings.

and an assortment of bug fixes.

According to the post

To change font and color settings open your iPhone’s settings application. Then scroll down to the bottom of the list to see and change WriteRoom’s settings. Font and color settings apply to your entire document, WriteRoom is not a rich text editor.

This release also fixes the problem of the magnifying glass not showing any text. To fix either choose a non white text color, or upgrade to iPhone OS 2.1 which completely fixes the problem.

No, it isn’t a big update but the app already works incredibly well. It is one more example of a developer who is constantly working to make their apps the best they can be.

If you need to use you iPhone for more than a few word email WriteRoom is worth a look.