Apple 7th March Event

On March 6, 2012

7th March is just around the corner and in fact, the date is an important one to the tech world because that is the time when Apple will release a new device to replace its current tablet. The conference held in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts theatre is the place where hundreds if not thousands of people will gather for the press release.

There are multiple rumors about the gadget(s) that will be announced on 7th March. This is because some said that it won’t just be the iPad that will get an upgrade but also other Apple devices such as the Apple TV and the iPod Touch. In addition to that, there are also rumors of other releases such as an operating system upgrade to the iOS 5.1 and a Microsoft Office Apps for iPad as well. To suit the new iPad, there will also be a new version of the smart cover which will be released along with the new iPad as well.

Whatever 7th March holds for the world, everyone hopes that it will be big. This is because the iPad has been through an upgrade before but it was just to a thinner profile with a performance bump. Hopefully, the new one will give users a lot more meaning to upgrade.