Apple Admits the Reception Issue is Hardware Related

On July 7, 2010

A software update is in the works regarding the display of bars for the new iPhone4. But will it address the issue of covering the antenna with your hand?  Gizmodo sent email to AppleCare three different times and finally got a response confirming its not a software glitch.

AppleCare reps confirmed the antenna interference happens when the phone is held in the lower left hand corner and said that the software update would only make the signal meter more accurate, but wouldn’t fix the hardware problem. Basically, the meter will now tell you more accurately how much reception your loosing when you connect the two antennas with your hand.

I think Apple is getting closer to the point where they are really going to need to seriously consider giving the bumper cases away with iPhones.  We can’t imagine that they are going to re-design the outer casing for the phone at this point and there doesn’t really seem to be another solution that would be less expensive than the few cents it must cost to produce those rubber band wraps for the phone.  Frankly, I don’t know whats holding them up from having already given those away for free?  Maybe they can’t produce them fast enough?

I guess the real fix is going to come with iPhone 5!