Apple And Event Invitations History Of 10 September

On September 5, 2013

The image you see below was captured in 2011, in the days when people at Apple were preparing Yerba Buena Center for event of presentation the iPad 2.

As you can see, the image contains about the same elements that Apple has used in the invitation sent to journalists around the world today, something quite unusual for those in Cupertino. Although the invitation for the event was different, on March 2, 2011 Apple has not introduced the colored iPad tablet but Smart Cover’s that have about the same color as iPhone 5C.

Although it was long clear that Apple is going to present a series of colored iPhones at the event or, using the same type of image suggests that some of the colors used now have been used in other products of the company. For example, Apple has used the gold color for iPods launched in 2006, but then it turned out that it is not so popular, so in 2013 iPhone 5S will be available in a similar version, but it remains to see how many people will be interested in it.

Although Apple does not have the habit of reusing images in its invitations and promotional materials, but made an exception this year only to suggest the world that we should expect a colorful event.