Apple Announces Safari 7 For OS X Mavericks

On June 10, 2013

OS X Mavericks could not come without a major important Safari version, so Apple has announced the official launch of Safari 7 for Macs. The new version offers more functionality to the browser’s sidebar so you can now see both the Reading List, and bookmarks but also quickly share information.

Apple says that the new version of its browser loads much faster web pages and achieves this performance by dedication of each process separately for each tab, the same thing that Google Chrome has it implemented long enough.

With iCloud on your hands, those from Apple have sought to implement a system called iCloud keychain allowing confidential information syncing with iCloud, they are automatically displayed in the required fields in Safari 7. The browser will be part of the final version of OS X Mavericks. Stay tuned for more news from Apple WWDC 2013.