Apple Buys United Microelectronics Corporations – Planning To Produce Its Own Chips

On July 15, 2013

As we all know by now, Apple and Samsung are facing a dispute lately. And last ongoing disputes that concern the two companies haven’t finished yet. Of course we are talking about the appearance of well known fact that Samsung produce chipsets presented in iOS devices. There have been a number of rumors that Apple is going to give up working with Samsung and a new rumor let us know now that Apple could even go further and build their own chipsets.

Rumors have invaded the Internet, and we know that Apple looks to TSMC for producing chips and is even going to sign an agreement with the company in question, that could even begin production next year. But SemAccurate announced that TSMC does not have the ability or the necessary flexibility that Apple needs and to make up the difference Apple has resorted to UMC, a Taiwanese manufacturer of chips.

We cannot get the whole story because there are too many choices and too many rumors that feeds each version, and besides all this, SemAccurate has a charge of $1,000 per year for access to information. Apple seems to have made a major investment in UMC that could pass the threshold of a partnership, and could reach the area in which we can say that Apple buys a company producing its own chips. We’ve already seen Apple hiring former AMD employees and we know that Apple has an affinity for control components, so the rumor could be true enough.