Apple confuse some orders of iPhone 4S in Australia, delivered two weeks late

On October 14, 2011

In London Store Covent Garden has sold iPhone 4S coded terminals instead of decoded and everything seems to be a problem to those who supplied terminals to Apple.

Unfortunately, Apple has made a second mistake in Australia where those who have bought an iPhone 4S online will not receive it today, as Apple said initially, but they will receive it after next week or after October 28.

It seems that certain logistical problems prevented Apple this week to send the user terminals and the strange thing is that the terminal is still available in stores.

     One group of customers definitely won’t be receiving the iPhone 4S in a timely fashion: customers who pre-ordered through Apple’s Australian online store (including me). Once it became mid-afternoon in Australia on the launch day of the iPhone 4S with my pre-order still stuck in “Preparing for Shipment” rather than having a definite delivery date, I called Apple to find out what was going on. The service rep I spoke to confirmed that Australian pre-orders have been delayed by one to two weeks compared to other territories;

Although Australia is the closest area of the Foxconn plants that are marketed the iPhone 4S terminals, behold, for the company from Cupertion counts more U.S. and Europe, places were the first iPhone 4S’s have been delivered even Wednesday. For Apple this error is more important than ever given that supply chain worked without any problems. Probably hundreds or thousands of Australians will be angry because of the changes made by the company in Cupertino, but as long as the U.S. and Europe are satisfied, Apple is happy. Hope that this will not happen everywhere in the world.