Apple could launch an iPhone of 4.5" in 2014

On March 5, 2013

As we are already used to rumors about future Apple phones that are appearing more frequently when the release date approaches. The information below is however very interesting in the current context. It seems that Apple will give market pressures and the smartphone comes with a screen of 4.5″. Do not know how many sacrifices will be made at ergonomics, but the terminal will be launched this year. It seems that it was ready for a launch in 2013, but was delayed for unknown reasons. I’m sure Apple will want to come with thin margins around the screen to make the smartphone easy to use.

Another question that arises is related to the screen resolution. Currently, HTC One offers 1920×1080 pixels at a diagonal of 4.7″. If the future iPhone will come with a screen of 4.5″, we could see a doubling of the resolution from 1136×640 at 2272×1280. Apple should come to this event with a powerful graphics processor for applications to support the native resolution. To give you an idea about the size of an iPhone screen 4.5″, take in hand a Sony Xperia T. The latter has a screen of 4.55″ with the same aspect ratio.

Another rumor that sounds good is related to a more accessible version of the iPhone 5. It should have a polycarbonate housing unibody type probably slightly thicker than the current iPhone 5. Apple could recycle the chipset of iPhone 4S and could be a little weaker than the iPhone 5 panel’s, but with the same resolution. It is assumed that the price of this iPhone will be more more and not exceed $400, also available in several colors. All information above are rumors and should be taken as such. Apple nearest official launch should take place this summer.