Apple did not reveal UDID to FBI

On September 6, 2012

Hacking is never a good thing especially to a federal computer but AntiSec had reportedly hacked into an FBI computer. Inside it is a trove of personal information of more than 12 million records. In fact, along with the information is more than a million Apple Unique Device Identifiers or UDID. This is quite dangerous considering that they can use this information to target any individuals with an iPhone. In fact, they can also do a trace provided that they have the right software.

However, it was claimed by Apple that the company did not reveal any UDID to FBI and thus the question now remains as to how the agency managed to get their hands on private and potentially dangerous information such as the UDID. As a reply, FBI also mentioned that they have no proof that any of their laptops have been breached or whether the FBI is indeed seeking Apple UDIDs.

The good news to this story however is that in iOS 6, the use of UDID will no longer be needed as developers will make use of a unique identifier for their application instead. In a while, the use of UDID will also be banned. This is due to privacy and security concerns as well.